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6 Challenges Students Have With Finding Scholarships, FAFSA, and Pell Grants

6 Challenges Students Have With Finding Scholarships, FAFSA, and Pell Grants

The average student really struggles through the choices for paying for college. The selection of choice between scholarships, FAFSA, Pell grants, financial aid and student loans is overwhelming. It is like you are standing on the lakefront and you are told that your dinner is right there with all the fish in the water. How do you get to that dinner is the process that weighs heavily on a student’s mind.

The first issue is to identify who you are in terms of your profile. It takes a lot of thinking to define your profile and understand who you are and why would the scholarship or grant decision makers consider you for their scholarship opportunity.

The second issue is the struggle to identify “what” you want to become in terms of your career. The career choice is such a big part of your profile as this a big matching point with your scholarship fund. Most students struggle with this question as there is minimal guidance with their career selection.

The third issue is the fact that a student can struggle with the “where” he/she should go for the career of choice as that will determine the financial aid and scholarship or grant choices for the student as well. Geography is a big part of school selection and the school’s ranking in terms of the major plays a big part in the student’s success in finding the right scholarship or financial aid package.

The fourth issue is the selection of your strengths and their match with the scholarship or grant criteria for selection. If the match is close then the chances of getting a scholarship improve.

The fifth issue involes things that you may consider a weakness. A number of scholarships and grants look for students with a weakness that makes it difficult for them to pursue their education. This is where scholarships and grants look for minority students, students with financial issues, ethnic background, special students, unique interests, unique geographic profile or religious background. At times there are special scholarships for international students like Fulbright scholarships.

Finally, the sixth issue is that the process of application is painful. The search for the right scholarship, grant or loan and then the filling the application forms makes it extremely difficult for a student to use a broad choice range and they get limited by their ability to fill the forms.

Scholar Swag understands these issues and is offering students the capability to easily look through a career selection database that will allow them to figure out a career of interest, the financial benefits, and job statistics that will help them with a selection of a career that has a higher potential for success.

Scholar Swag also helps the student with an easy school selector based on their major, location, ranking, type and financial aid that will make them successful.

It also provides them with the largest database of scholarships and grants that will be matched to their profile for a higher probability of success. The biggest benefit offered by Scholar Swag is the CommunityForce network of schools and foundation scholarship and grant offerings for 400 organizations with 6000 scholarships and grants with $4 billion in scholarship and grant funds.

This is provided in a simple and easy package with the ability to create your profile and then use that to create an application using the Common Application Form that is accepted by 400 of CommunityForce network of scholarship and grants as well as 500 schools and organizations that accept the Common Application Form.

Scholar Swag is focused helping students by  creating scholarship automation tools and expanding the scholarship network at a rapid rate to enable students to find the career, school, scholarship, grant or student loan to make them successful.


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  1. I love to be in school but I don’t have the opportunity so I am interested in your sholarship.

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