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About Us

About Us

ScholarSwag: We make finding money for Higher Education simpler and more accessible. Get started today!

ScholarSwag is going to change the way students find money for education. It is a brand-new concept that fully connects guidance counselors, students, and parents to scholarships and to each other.

ScholarSwag doesn’t simply want to be another confusing and time-consuming scholarship database that takes all your information and points you to multiple other sites where you have to fill out the same information again, and again, and again. We want to be the first and last stop on your scholarship journey. We want to help you find and apply for scholarships using ONE profile and our One Click Application process to apply directly to any scholarship, without ever leaving the comfort of your ScholarSwag profile.

ScholarSwag is concerned that access to scholarship assistance is, at best, uncoordinated. At worst, we believe that thousands of students are currently missing out on scholarships they have the potential to win. In fact, approximately 100 million in private scholarship assistance fails to get distributed annually in the United States. (Institute for Higher Education Policy, 2005)

ScholarSwag is committed to making it easier for students to find money for their education. We’ve seen the rising cost of education and believe that it is imperative that we do something to save the system students are using to find money for education.

ScholarSwag wants to help bridge the gap between students and the ability to pay for higher education by making the entire scholarship process simpler and more accessible.

ScholarSwag Goals

  • Give far better access to scholarships in every University and College in the United States than is currently available
  • Provide an easy way to apply to all those scholarships using a one profile, one click application that is fillable to every single scholarship available
  • Increase awareness of scholarship opportunities for all students
  • Improve efficiencies in guidance counselor assistance to students in high schools and beyond
  • Provide a direct link to scholarship applications on one, easy-to-use, online resource
  • Allow students to fill out one profile and apply to multiple scholarships they may qualify for, all over the country, without having to leave the ScholarSwag site
  • Develop a trusted, centralized, online resource that provides a viable option to find scholarship funds for education
  • Change the way scholarships are applied for and awarded by making it more convenient for students, guidance counselors, and parents to find scholarships online.

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