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How You Can Help Your Kids Find Scholarships

If you are wondering where parents can help their kids find scholarships, there may be more avenues open to you than you think. Every organization or association that you or your child belongs to could be a potential source of scholarship money, even the ones you wouldn’t immediately expect to give away money.

Some questions you have to ask yourself:

  • Do you belong to a credit union?

  • Do you belong to the military?

  • Do you belong to a union?

  • Do you belong to a fraternity or sorority?

  • Do you belong to a church or religious affiliation?

  • Do you belong to a college or university alumni association?

Belonging to any one of the organizations listed above could be the golden ticket to winning your son or daughter a college scholarship. Also, don’t immediately discount any of the associations or memberships you hold as a possibility, for you might be surprised. For example, your electric utility company or an association such as the Military Benefit Association (a nonprofit organization of military personnel and civilian employees of the United States Government that offers $2000 scholarships to the children of their members) could be a funding opportunity. In some cases, if you become an active member of an organization that does not have a scholarship program, you can suggest one. Some organizations are eager to provide educational benefits to their members and to the surrounding communities in which they operate. If they take your suggestion seriously and introduce a scholarship program for their members or children of their members, they may do so in time to help your son or daughter get scholarships. If not, the program will still benefit others in your organization and could also help any younger children you might have in later years.

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